Radio personality, standup comic, entertainer Mitch Henck is one of the world's great story tellers. Whether hosting his daily talk show on 1310AM WIBA, Madison, Wisconsin...cracking up a young crowd at a Comedy Club...or singing the songs of Sinatra while headlining at a night club with Mitch's Big Show, Mitch has memorable, very funny stories to tell about life — his life, his kid's life, your life!

Here's what people are saying about the Big Show:

"Mitch Henck put on a wonderful dinner show for our members. His music and style were thoroughly entertaining and the show received rave reviews. We look forward to having Mitch back to the Madison Club."

- Mary Gaffney-Ward,
General Manager. The Madison Club.

"I've seen The Big Show three times and I'm going back for more. Hilarious comedy and great songs from a gifted and immensely likable entertainer. My lady and I fell in love at The Big Show. I owe you, Mitch."

- Doug Moe,
daily columnist, The Wisconsin State Journal, author of "The World of Mike Royko" and "Lords of the Ring."

"The Big Show is unique because you have a great comedian who also sings beautifully. I can't wait to see the Big Show for the fourth time!"

- Dan Smith,
award winning television producer and former host of PM Magazine.

"The Big Show made the Arc Wisconsin 60th anniversary celebration extra special. Mitch's music and comedy was the highlight of our evening. Some attendees are planning to book The Big Show for their organizations' events."

- Jim Hoegemeier,
The Arc-Wisconsin Disability Association.